Are you Ready to get Fit?

I know this may seem like a strange question but there are some things you should take into consideration when contemplating if you're ready to get fit. Being successful in your new venture to a

toned physique is more then taking an hour or two a week to show up to a training session. I like to tell all my prospective clients “there is no magic pill” getting fit requires making lifestyle changes, prioritizing time for yourself, moral support and knowledge.

You’ve heard it a million times before, “Fitness and health are lifestyles.” What does that actually mean for you? Well, depending on wether you’re training for a competitive event or just wanting to get back into those jeans from your college years, it can mean a world of difference. Both of the aforementioned goals have a couple common components. Nutrition is the biggest piece of the success story. If you are new to nutrition please don’t jump on the fad diet band wagon. Instead, talk with a certified nutrition coach or a nutritionist to help get you started! The next step is to get moving!

Making time for one’s self can be a challenge because we are all pulled in a million different directions, but it is key to avoiding further health issues down the road in life. Ask yourself, “How much time am I able/willing to dedicate each week to my health?” Be realistic, we all would like to say 5 days a week for 1.5 hours a day but if that is not a possibility do something that is and stick to it. Strength training 2 to 3 times a week for 45min can make huge changes in one’s health. Once you decide what is reasonable for you then put it in your calendar and stick to it, only an emergency should be able to pull you away!

Now that you know how much time you can put into your goals think about your support. It can be a much bigger challenge to make it to the gym if you have a significant other or bestie who is constantly asking you to do something with them instead. If you are able to bring your significant other/bestie to the gym with you or even better “partner training” you will benefit even more in your relationship and results! We all need a support system especially when first getting started so be sure to rally your troops and surround yourself with encouraging people throughout your journey.

If you have answered the above questions and are ready to start, AWESOME! I am excited for you. There is just one more thing to consider. Before you run to your nearest gym and sign up for a year contract, ask yourself, “What is my comfort level in getting off the treadmill and heading to the weights?” If this thought makes you queasy and baulk inside, then consider hiring a personal trainer. There is no money better spent then hiring a knowledgable personal trainer for your health. Think of it as a life skill (because it is). You will be learning how to lift correctly and how to avoid injury. If you do your research, you can even find a personal trainer who will help guide you in your nutrition journey too.

One of the yearly mistakes that every gym gets to capitalize on is the New Years Resolution rush. Very well-intended people want to make changes, but they never leave the cardio area and never hire a personal trainer. By February they stop coming to the gym rationalizing they can just walk or jog at home. Don’t be that person, now you have a plan and know what you need to do to be successful in making lifestyle changes so lets get out and do it.

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