Fitness in the Summer Part 1

Summer is in full bloom and so is your schedule! Most of us not only plan vacations with our families during the summer but there are birthday parties and sports to keep you driving all over the state (especially if you have little ones). During these hot summer months it can be easy to just kick back and have an ice cold drink instead of heading to the gym but don’t let the summer heat and busy schedule make you neglect the summer body you’ve worked so hard for (and maybe are still working on). Here are three tips to keep you fit when the time slot for the gym has dissipated out of your daily planner.

There are a couple fitness necessities that you should have if you don’t already. The 1st is a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit. These popular device have become ubiquitous in the fitness industry and for a good reason. Studies have found when you are able to monitor how active you’ve been, set goals and reminders on a wearable device then you are more likely to push yourself to stay moving and burn more calories. The people who show the most significant changes while using these devices also worked with a personal trainer. Aim for 10K in steps!

The next fitness necessity are mini bands. These affordable bands usually come in a pack of 4 different resistances. If you are going to be sitting at a t-ball game or other event for over an hour then put that time to good use! You can get in a great hip and glute session in all the while cheering your little aspiring athlete on. Don’t be concerned about what other parents think, (you may be surprised at the next game when others are joining you)!

Finally If you have a little one under 2 then make sure you have a front carrier such as a baby Bjorn. Not only will baby absolutely love being toted around so close to you but you will get the results from carrying that extra 20lbs! If you don’t have a little one to tote around then bring all the snacks, water and other game supplies in a backpack that you carry on your back! Either way you will burn more from carrying the extra weight instead of wheeling it around.

By making small changes to your busy routine, throwing in some resistance bands and adding a friendly reminder (your wearable device) you should be able to stay on top of your fit summer physique. For those days when the gym just isn’t going to happen you’ll be prepared! It is always better to move because an object in motion will stay in motion!!

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