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7480 Personal Training began in the mind and heart of Jessica Schluppenbaum. As a licensed personal trainer, a certified nutrition coach, and a lover of body-building competitions, Jessica has been a fitness champion for decades. 


But she knew she wanted more.


She wanted to share her passion for fitness with the Monument, Colorado community. She wanted to create a safe, private environment for community members who are looking to train their bodies and reach their fitness goals. She wanted to facilitate a supportive fitness community that welcomes people of all fitness levels.   


And 7480 Personal Training was the result. 


No matter your wants, needs, goals, or limitations, you are welcome at 7480 Personal Training. 


Need to slim down? No problem. 


Need to build muscle? No problem. 


Need to correct your posture and protect your joints? No problem. 


Let’s reach your goals, boost your confidence, and exceed your expectations — all from the safety and comfort of Jessica’s home gym. 


Welcome to the 7480 family, friend.  

Got questions? Let's chat! Get in touch with us today, and find out what 7480 Personal Training can do for you.

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