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Personalized, total-body workout program specifically designed to correct poor posture. Protect your joints and connective tissues from unnecessary wear and tear by strengthening your muscles, straightening your spine, and improve your overall quality of life.




Poor posture? Persistent aches and pains? Low energy and/or easily fatigued? Believe it or not, all three are actually related, and they’re all caused by the same problem: weak muscles.


The weaker your muscles, the weaker your spine. Your skeletal structure depends entirely upon your muscles. If your muscles aren’t strong enough to keep your neck and spine straight, then everything in between will suffer. The longer this problem goes unnoticed and uncorrected, the more damage your joints will receive due to poor posture.


Even more aggravating, your body will be forced to overcompensate, causing hyper-tension in certain muscle groups and atrophied muscles in others. So if it feels like everyday tasks are becoming more and more exhausting, it’s because they are. Because of this imbalance in your muscles, your body is expending way more energy than it needs to be expending throughout the day.


And of course, the most aggravating symptom of weak supporting muscles: the slouched spine. If you’re tired of the hunched back and the crooked neck, then we have some seriously good news for you:


You don’t have to tolerate any of the aggravating symptoms of poor posture anymore. You can correct poor posture with exercise.   




(THE 7480 WAY)

Rather than handing you a generic set of posture correction workout routines, we’ll work with you to develop a set of total-body workout programs, all of which are designed to match your difficulty level and meet your needs.

Because, although poor posture may be common, your experience with poor posture is unique to you.

You’ll probably agree that poor posture is incredibly frustrating. And if we’re being honest, poor posture can also be incredibly limiting. The longer the problem goes uncorrected, the more damage it causes. Maybe you’ve been dealing with poor posture for a couple of years, or maybe you’ve been dealing with it for your entire life. Either way, you probably have some aches and pains that get in the way and limit your mobility. These limitations are not to be taken lightly, of course.  


To prevent injury from occurring, we’ll need to respect your limitations. We’ll start by conducting a biometric assessment to determine where your limitations lie. From there, we’ll develop a personalized workout program to strengthen your atrophied muscles and sooth your muscles that are suffering from hyper-tension.  




You’ve been dealing with poor posture for too long. Don’t ignore the slouch any longer! Sign up for 7480 Personal Training’s posture correction program today, and protect your joints from serious injury!


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Once that cartilage is gone, it’s gone. You deserve a better quality of life that’s free from persistent aches and pains. Start strengthening today!

And for the best results, sign up for 7480's core strengthening program!

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