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Results-driven weight loss program for ALL body types and ALL levels of difficulty. When you choose 7480 Personal Training for weight loss and general fitness, you’ll be focusing less on the scale and more on what truly matters: YOU.





When most people think “weight loss programs”, they imagine strict diet plans, juice cleanses, and mountains of cardio exercises. They’ll plug into the latest diet craze, hang their “skinny pants” on the mirror, and hop on the scale twice a day.


But when you choose 7480 Personal Training for weight loss, you won’t find a stereotypical weight loss program followed by an unreasonably strict diet plan. You won’t be hounded with impossible cardio exercises, and you won’t be forced to weigh yourself on a daily basis.


Instead, you’ll find a personalized weight loss program, a manageable at-home strategy, and a whole lot of encouragement.


Because your weight loss journey is unique to you, and it should be celebrated as such!




(THE 7480 WAY)

When you choose 7480 Personal Training for weight loss, you’ll probably be pretty surprised. Most 7480 warriors are at first, and understandably so! It’s not every day that you come across a weight loss program that cares less about the scale and more about your health.


We won’t just trim you down. We’ll strengthen you up. We won’t just make you slim. We’ll make you resilient. And you won’t just get a skinnier body. You’ll get an athletic body.  


We’ll start by conducting a full-scale body assessment (also known as a biometric assessment). We’ll get your measurements, your height, your weight, and your body fat percentage. We’ll gauge your difficulty level, and we’ll develop a game plan that works within your strengths and limitations.


And then? We’ll get right to work.


No daily weigh-ins. No weekly measurements. Just total freedom to enjoy your weight loss journey. And the results? Trust us: they’ll speak for themselves.



Your weekly workouts will consist of a healthy balance of cardio and weight training exercises, all of which will match your level of difficulty.


Why weight training?


Great question. Our goal here at 7480 Personal Training is not just to trim you down as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you strong and healthy. That can’t happen with a cardio-dominant weight loss program.


Did you know that cardio-dominant weight loss programs can actually destroy your metabolism? Too much cardio can cause you to lose one pound of muscle for every four pounds of fat. Not only is this method incredibly unhealthy, but it can drastically slow your metabolism over time.


You know what else can drastically slow your metabolism? Dieting. So when you choose 7480 Personal Training for weight loss, you won’t hear me mention anything about dieting. If you love French fries, then order yourself some French fries! Of course, we’ll talk about how to fit your favorite foods into your meals responsibly, but you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite foods.


Need some extra help with healthy meal choices? Chat with me about setting up a full nutrition plan!





Your weight loss journey is yours — no one else’s. No more generic YouTube weight loss videos. No more trendy diet plans. And no more comparisons. It’s time to take back your confidence, your health, and your future.


Get on the books today, and let’s get you those weight loss results you’ve been yearning for!  

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