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Personalized cardio workouts for better results, higher endurance, and an all-around healthier YOU. No more weight loss plateaus. Just the fitness results you’ve been sprinting towards.




Let’s be honest here: cardio is not fun, and it can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. At first, you’ll reap the rewards of your cardio workouts. You’ll see yourself slimming down, and you’ll feel motivated to keep going. But along the way, you’ll find yourself hitting weight loss plateaus. Out of nowhere, it’ll feel like your cardio workouts have stopped producing results altogether.


Chances are, you’ve been there before, and you might even be there right now.


No matter how hard you push — no matter how much you pull — no matter how tightly you squeeze — no matter how many laps you sprint — you just can’t seem to drop those last few pounds.


It’s exhausting, right?




Now, you ready for the good news? It’s normal to hit weight loss plateaus, especially when your workouts are repetitive and cardio-dominant. There’s nothing wrong with your body. It’s your cardio workouts that are the problem here. If your body has stopped responding to your cardio routine, it’s because your body needs more variety in your workouts.  


Now, ready for the even better news? 7480 Personal Training has everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed in your daily cardio workouts. Together, we’ll pinpoint the problem and get you over that weight loss plateau once and for all.





But first, let’s get one thing straight: No more YouTube cardio workouts. No more sweaty spin-bike classes at your local gym. And most importantly, no more burn-out. 

If you pour all of your energy into those daily cardio workouts, then you deserve to reap all of the rewards of those cardio workouts. Right?   

That’s why we’re going to do things a little differently. Let’s take a more personalized approach to cardio fitness, and let’s ensure that your body is getting the most out of your cardio workouts.


We’ll start by conducting a full-scale body assessment (also known as a biometric assessment). The biometric assessment will give us a clearer picture of your starting point. Then we’ll design a series of personalized cardio fitness routines that match your difficulty level and that won’t demand more energy than they’re worth. Your cardio workouts will look a little different every time, so you won’t have to worry about hitting those weight loss plateaus over and over again.  


But don’t worry — you won’t be doing cardio workouts all day, every day. Instead, we’ll balance your cardio fitness routines with some adjustable strength-training routines. That way, you’re getting the variety that your body needs plus the muscle strengthening that you didn’t know you needed.


Lose weight, build muscle, and boost your confidence — all while preserving your energy.




Stop pouring all of your energy into generic cardio workouts that aren’t rearing any weight loss results. When you choose 7480 Personal Training, you’ll get a personalized cardio fitness program to help you overcome those weight loss plateaus once and for all.


Ready to get started? Let’s get cranking!

And don't forget to check out 7480's weight loss program for long-term health and success!

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