How to reduce stress in 2 Easy Steps

If your like me you probably have way too much going on in life. Somehow we talk ourselves into overloading our schedules every day. I have found when I do this not only do I accomplish less throughout the day but I feel defeated at the end of the day. How did we let ourselves get here?

Why do we spend so much time on social media, checking on what others think and allowing it to make us feel less significant?

When you’re spend too much time on social media it’s easy to start thinking that everyone else has their act together and that you are the only one who is overwhelmed by life. Becoming less stressed out starts with managing your screen time. How much time are you spending in front of your screen? Take an inventory today. Give yourself an hour the end of your day to check any posts or emails that you find relevant and then turn it off. If you do this for one week not only will you start to feel better about your own life experiences but you might realize a lot of your stress was a result of comparing yourself to others.

The next step to take in your efforts to reduce stress is to take that time you are now saving from the social media reel in and engage in a meaningful activity for you. Something you’ve put off because of lack of time for yourself. Even if just for an hour and don’t feel guilty about it. Self care is important if you don’t feel good about yourself then everything and everyone important around you are affected. It is hard to give our best caring for others whether it be children or a significant other when we haven’t taken the time to care for ourselves. One can only give so much until the bucket is empty then it needs to be refilled.

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