Fitness in the Summer part 2

So it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged all due to fabulous summer activities. From weddings, vacations to children spots and of course no school (lots more work for mom) summers have us all busy. It can be easy to get so out of our regular eating and exercising routine that those great healthy habits you worked all spring on can seem miles away. Do not fret you are not alone and it is not mission impossible! Here are a couple tips to help you make it through your crazy fun summer time without falling completely off the health wagon.

BUDDY SYSTEM: Getting to the gym can be hard but making it a social event can help you stick to the routine. Find a friend to workout with. Sure there will be times both of you won’t be able to make it at the same time but you can still text each other and encourage one another to stay on track! Go get a quick coffee together afterwards! This can work really well if you know someone you work with that will join you during your lunch break for a quick workout or after work!

DETOX: If you have the pleasure of going on vacation and find yourself a little over indulged, good for you! It's okay to have some over indulgences so long as you “detox” for a couple of days afterwards. I know the word “Detox” can make many cringe but I am referring to low calorie clean eating not to starving yourself. Stick to soups, salads and smoothies (packed with veggies and fruit). This will get you the vitamins, fiber and nutrition that your body will need.

FIBER AND WATER: Speaking of fiber, try to get 30 grams of fiber a daily. This along with drinking plenty of water will help you feel satiated. Not to mention helping your body keep everything moving. Doing both has been shown to have an impact on the way ones body processes fats. A 2015 study in Annals of Internal Medicine, when dieters aimed for 30 or more grams of fiber daily, it helped them lose weight and improve their body’s ability to respond to insulin nearly as well as the people who followed a more complicated eating plan that involved cutting back on sugar, sodium, fat, and alcohol and aiming for specific quotas of carbs, protein, and fat. Life is all about constant change.

FITNESS TAKE AWAYS: Step out of your comfort zone this summer and ask your partner or friend to train with you at the gym. This might be one of the best things you do for your relationship and fitness. We all need time away, vacations or just a day of over indulgence every once in awhile. Be committed to take a couple days to get back on track through detoxing. Don't let the summer heat get you dehydrated. Be sure to drink ample amounts of water to keep from over eating out of thirst!

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