Reduce inflammation with Omega 3s

Omega 3s are a powerhouse nutrient, they have been studied and linked to improved mood, protect vision, boost cardio vascular health and may even protect against diabetes, ADHD and asthma in children. For the active community it is worthy to note that Omega 3s are also an anti inflammatory. Studies have shown that they reduce muscle soreness and shorten recovery time from high intensity exercises.

With so many benefits we all should be getting our daily dose. The biggest challenge many of us run into is we do not eat enough fish. Additionally many people do not know how much to consume and what to look for in the thousands of brands of Omega 3s. So let's dive into this together!

Expert suggest that active women take 1 to 2 grams daily. Consuming EPA and DHA together is the best formula for efficacy because they work in a synergistic manner. A 2:1 of EPA:DHA will help counter exercise induced inflammation and boost over all health. So, what if you really can't stomach all that fish or the fish burps? There are a couple of options, several companies have paired peppermint and other oils with their capsules to help reduce the fishy burps. You could also go the plan based route.

Nutritionists continue to strongly recommended getting your nutrients from foods over capsules. Even if fish is not your thing you can boost your Omega intake by adding the following to your meals:

Flaxseeds Can be gridded and added to your protein shakes.

Chia Seeds. Can be cooked into your oatmeal

Walnuts. Great to snack on

Navy Beans. Add as a side to a dinner plate

Firm Tofu Cook for a meat substitute in any meal

I am hopeful that you will add some Omega 3's to your grocery list and be on your way to a healthier you!

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