Easy Nutrition for Moms on the GO

April 11, 2018

      If your are a mom then your probably keeping a tight schedule. Who has time to log their food in-between work, school pick up/drop offs, extra curricular activities, diaper changes, oh and lets not forget being a wife/significant other and trying to keep a some what of a clean house.  We all have the nutrition apps on our phones

 " my fitness pal" and others like it that require we measure our food to get the right macros. Well after two days of barely logging meals this usually goes by the wayside as "not for me."So in the spirit of keeping this blog as short and sweet because I know you have something else to be doing any minute now, I'll cut to the chase.  The only thing you need for your nutrition are your hands....you heard right! Your hands and the perfect measuring tools for the macros you need daily.  Here's how it works!


By following this easy to use technique you can take back control of your nutrition.  The hand method works for everyone (with the exception of bodybuilders and some extreme athletes).  The palm of your hand is how you should measure your protein.  Your fist or cupped hand is how to measure your carbs and your thumbs are how you measure your fats.  Here would be a healthy plan for moderately active female, weighing between 126lbs and 150lbs who wants to lose weight.



4 palm sized servings a day



6 to 7 cupped handfuls a day



5 thumb lengths a day


These measurements will keep you on track without the stress of tracking your every bite.  Keep in mind this is with clean eating: lean protein, complex carbs and good fats.  If you have questions on this blog or would like specific help with planning a simplified nutrition plan for personal goals feel free to email me at 7480pt@gmail.com  I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and would be happy to help!





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